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Dental Prostheses

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Types of Protheses

There are two types of dental prostheses:
  • fixed prostheses
  • removable prostheses

Fixed Prostheses

Fixed prostheses can include dental crowns, dental bridges or total prostheses, supported by dental implants.

These are the ideal solution if you are missing few teeth, both in terms of comfort and aesthetics, although they are more expensive than removable prostheses. Their interior can be made of metal, which gives them robustness or ceramics, which is superior in terms of aesthetics.

The dental implant is also used in toothless patients, whose bone structure and oral mucosa do not allow the use of a total prostheses. In these cases, implants truly contribute to the improvement of the person's quality of life.

Removable dental prostheses

As próteses removíveis dividem-se em próteses esqueléticas, prótese dentária parcial removível (em acrílico, silicone ou nylon) e prótese dentária total removível. Removable protheses are divided into skeletal prostheses, removable partial dental prostheses (made of acrylic, silicone or nylon) and total removable dental prostheses.

Skeletal prostheses are partial prostheses that cover a small part of the mouth. These are ideal for those who do not wish to cover the palate.

Removable partial dental prostheses are attached to the remaining teeth by retainers. Silicone and nylon prostheses are flexible, more comfortable and easy to use. However, they are not recommended for those with many teeth missing.

Removable total dental prostheses (dentures) are made of acrylic and are intended to replace all the teeth. These are supported by the soft tissues and underlying bone structure.

Dental prostheses :